Gaomi Agritd Co., Ltd.
Molded Bumper and Wheel Chock| Lamintated Bumper and Wheel Chock| Rubber seals|

What we are producing:    

Molded rubber dock bumpers------Manufactured from fiber reinforced prime rubber containing nylon and polyester, these molded bumpers are built to endure years of pounding. All units have predrilled countersunk mounting holes for easy installation.  

Molded rubber wheel chocks------Safety engineered to prevent sliding, complete with galvanize eyebolts. Economical nylon reinforced molded rubber provides sure grip traction. 

Laminated dock bumper and wheel chocks-----laminated style dock bumpers and wheel chocks provide durable, economical protection for your loading dock and trucks. Units are constructed of fabric and reinforced rubber from recycled truck tires. 

Various kinds of rubber seals and so on------Rubber seals and bushings could be made from PU, PTFE, Ruuber to metal bond, EPDM, and so on.




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